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We find ourselves at an inflection point as a nation in which we can not afford to be apathetic nor ambivalent. It's time we all use our skills, our connections, and our resources to elevate black-owned businesses nationwide.
Financial injustice is a major contributor to the inequality that has plagued us as a nation.

The black business community has historically had less access to funding (government loans, private loans, and venture funding)and has had less opportunity to accumulate stored wealth through property ownership.
The result has been clear: the black business community is 13% of the U.S. population but only 1.4% of the national GDP creation.

Since 2009, Black women–led startups have raised $289MM in venture/angel funding, with a significant portion of that raised in 2017. This represents .0006% of the $424.7 billion in total venture funding raised since 2009.

This is one example that illustrates the urgency of our mission. Supporting
black-owned entrepreneurship will be a critical step in achieving equality and diversity in our nation's business base.

We believe creating wealth is a cornerstone for achieving equality, security, and long-term prosperity for the black community.

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